Saturday, September 12, 2009

"Baby Burd"

That's right we are going to have a baby and couldn't be more excited! Our little "bean" is due March 4, 2010. We found out that we were pregnant on our five year anniversary. I walked out of the bathroom screaming for joy and Cason just knew.

We sat on our porch in Playa in complete shock. It just seemed so fake that we really were pregnant and going to be parents. I wanted to tell everyone at the pool but knew that would be a little awkward so we didn't.

After we went and had some breakfast, Cason and I took a walk along the beach to start discussing how we were going to tell our families. I didn't want to just call them and it was important for us to tell everyone in person. I don't think that we stopped smiling all day!

We couldn't be more excited to meet our little "Baby Burd."